With numerous years of experience in the fashion industry, I decided to put my knowledge and skills to good use in decorative interior design.

For more than a decade I loved creating colour palettes, developing fabrics, and over-seeing their manufacture through to finished products. It was a seamless transfer for me to move on to selecting fabrics and designing soft furnishings.

After careful thought and research, I started creating a small collection of cushions using reclaimed fabrics from fashion companies and fabric mills. I like to play with colour, texture and pattern using a variety of different materials from woven jacquards to hand-knitted wools.

Over the years, I’ve seen a substantial amount of plastic, paper and fabric constantly being thrown away creating massive landfill. Consequently, I aim to work in an eco-friendly manner and cause minimal environmental harm/ damage. As sustainability is a growing issue and there is a necessity to become more conscious about the environment, I collect and reuse leftover fabrics, reduce waste to a minimum and upcycle home furnishings. For the new fabrics, we favour natural and sustainable fibres from European mills.

With the help of independent local ateliers, I expanded my business from cushions, to curtains and blinds. For HoHM design, I ensure that the materials are European (predominately Belgian) and all products are made locally.

Sophie Bartle,

Founder of HoHM and based in Antwerp.