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Penthouse holiday in style

We were given the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Frank Pay; founder of Showroom_144, Brussels to dress the windows of the recently renovated stylish penthouse in Knokke Heist. Frank had a clear vision of the appropriate fabrics required and we soon came to the conclusion of choosing a fishnet voile to camouflage the direct sunlight in the dining area and a shipwrecked washed cotton for the bedrooms. 

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Franks selects a combination of vintage and unique furniture, lamps and interior objects for the interior decoration store Showroom_144 in downtown Brussels. 

The intention of refurbishing this apartment is to give a lucky few the opportunity to rent the accommodation during their holidays on the Belgian coast.  The penthouse is located in the heart of Knokke, behind the lighthouse and a 2 minute walk from the sea. 

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Rue Leon Lepage Straat 47

1000 Brussels

Rental information: 0032 495 277277